Wednesday, April 29, 2015


This week....

This week was too long for

this tired mama!

Monday was our usual

manic Monday,

with crazy runs to

the city, music lessons, co-op classes,

bible studies, and.......

where are we supposed to be now???,

but with the girl's orchestra concert

added to the end.

They did a wonderful job,'

and I was so proud of them both!

You can thank Babycakes for this (not) awesome photography.

I was forced to sit in the "bleachers"

about a million miles out,

to keep the rampaging chaos to

a bare minimum.

Classical music, delicate instruments

and wild three year old boys

are a rough combo!

I'm sure our fellow concert goers

appreciated his sing-along,

but I did not appreciate the

fart sound chorus he added at all!

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