Friday, April 24, 2015

Does He Talk?

We're in the elevator with a daddy and his son.

The Daddy "He's SO cute!  Does he talk yet?"

Me "Oh.....yes, quite a bit.  Princess, hit the up button....3rd floor"

The Daddy, to Babycakes "Up...We're going UP....can you say up?"

Babycakes says nothing, and gives his a scowl.

The Daddy: "Uuuuppppp.  Can you say it? Uuuupppppp."

Babycakes "I don't want to say that.  I want to say elevator, level three!"

The Daddy "Oh!  I guess he can talk!"

My kids snicker.

1 comment:

Kendra said...

BWAHAHAHA, fantastic comeback Babycakes!!!!!