Friday, December 12, 2014


One of the things I hate it's about MS

is how it's messed up my memory!

I'm not saying my memory was good before,

because it wasn't,

but it was good enough that,

with the help of a good calendar,

I could keep on top of most days.

Now, I run my life off of the calendar on my smart phone.

Not only does it keep my memories for me,

but it beeps at me,

so I can remember to remember!

I'm embarrassed to admit the number

of times we've showed up at Mimi's cello lesson a half hour late.

She's had the same lesson,day and time,for a year and a half,

but it just won't stick!

This week Mac got his tablet taken away

for a few days, as a consequence for his neglecting it.

I slid it on the top shelf in my closet,

to keep it safe.

So, of course when the time came to return it

I had no idea where I'd put it!

Now that,

that's a real consequence!

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