Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Catch Phrase

Each of my kiddos has a catch phrase
they were famous for in their toddler years.
Buddy's was "Sure!"
No matter what we were going to do,
he was happy to give it a try.

Mimi's was "Well......no."
At least she was considering?
Well, not really, since the "Well"
was always followed by the "no".
Princess' was "Actually"
As in "Sweetie, are you ready to go?"
"Actually, I not"
"It's bed time."
"Actually, I not tired."
Mac's was "How 'bout....how 'bout no.".
Once again, at least he pretended to consider.

Babycakes has just declared his:
it's "Somfin else"
"Can I haz a snack?"
"Sure!  How about some apples?"
"How bout somfin else."
and he will "somfin else" me until
we end up at rice crispy treats,
(AKA Triffy Treat")
which was his goal all along.

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