Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Yes, THAT Long.

It's hard for me to know just how much to share about our

trips to see Mama E and the brothers.

I'd love it if we had

one of those wonderful

sweet, cuddly relationships

you read about when you're

looking into open adoptions.

But it's not.

And I still need to walk the tightrope

between keeping private things


and wanting to shout to the world

all the crazy chaos that I witness.

We have arrived.

The drive was everything you can expect for a

trip that is two days of driving

with five kids

one of them a two year old,

while alternating between

listening to the Wiggles and Thomas the Tank Engine,

and "Are we almost there now?"

It was very.......very.......very.........long.

Stuck in a time warp long.

I'm never doing this again long.

Get the picture?

Toddler breakfast:
 "build it....build it....build it..."

"Good job!  Do you want to eat it?"


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