Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day One in Texas

We started our day too early for me!

No leisurely snooze for my toddler,

nope, we were up and running at dawn!

We had big plans for the day, but not starting THAT early!

And all my plans flew out the window, first thing.

We wanted to get another round of brother pictures taken.

We did this last year, and both Babycakes

and I are crazy about looking at those pictures!

Unfortunately, Big Brother was on a field trip

with his preschool class,

so we'd need to postpone our photo appointment until tomorrow.

We ended up hanging out at mama Es place for the morning,

and I got to meet the friend that watches the baby for her.

At lunch we headed to Chick Fil A for lunch

and stayed for several hours while the kids played.

Baby cakes desperately needed a nap, as did baby brother,

so I suggested we drop her at home and come back after,

but Mama E wanted to stay with us,

so we hung out in the lobby

while the boys slept.

She wished she had her swimsuit because the hot tub looked inviting.

Babycakes spent the rest of the day saying "Hot tub?".

We ended up having a nice long chat,

and both Mimi and I got to love on the baby.

Not only is the poor guy recovering from major surgery,

but he decided this week would be the perfect time to cut teeth!

He was decidedly grumpy about it, unless he had some ice to chomp on!

We shared a lovely dinner, but both little ones

and both mamas were worn out, and we called it a day.

We returned to our rooms, thew on our swimsuits

only to discover the hot tub was barely lukewarm!

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