Monday, March 31, 2014

Day Three in Texas

We went to the beach today.

We'd actually decided not to go,

and at the last second went anyway.

I think God knew we needed to go.

And it was wonderful!

The sky was clear, the water not too cold

and the beach nearly empty.

Babycakes LOVED it!
It was such a joy to see him run and play in the waves.

It helped me refocus my thoughts away from

Baby Brother and all the things about that situation

that I can't change, and onto the things I can.

The big kids had fun too,

and we all got soaked and covered in sand.

We stopped at mama E's to say goodbye on our way out of town,

and to drop of the pictures we'd gotten done while we were here.

I'm sad that Big Brother couldn't be there for them,

but seeing Mama E smiling and holding her boys is amazing.

I'm so glad we get to do those when we come!

Yes, I'm still sad about the situation with Baby Brother.

It's so incomprehensible to me to see him living as he does,

and not be able to make it better.

I also know there is truly nothing that I can do to change things,

so I really need to let it go.

I'm praying God can make that happen.

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