Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ports AKA Robo Mama

I haven't talked much about my M.S.

Really, there isn't much to say.

I got diagnosed incredibly early,

just a few months after it all started.

I'm on the top of the line meds,

which is a huge deal,

because not everyone qualifies to take it.

I go for a monthly infusion,

which takes a couple hours,

and that's pretty much it.

I do have a tiny bit of leftover numbness,

but most of it has gone,

and what I have left doesn't bother me much.

My only complaint is that I have really lousy veins.

Who knew?

The can only access my I.V. through my wrist,

which is one of the most painful places to get an I.V.

So, every month I Lamaze breath and clench my teeth

as they poke around trying to get that darned needle in

for about five minutes.

If they don't get it in the first side,

they try the other,

generally leaving me bruised on both sides from wrist

halfway to my elbows,

on both arms.


So I'm getting a port.

It's a little devise implanted under the skin

on your chest

that is an easy access point to get meds in,

and even to draw blood samples.
 While I'm happy to be getting this thingie,

and be done with the monthly wrist carnage,

I'm really nervous about this surgery.

I've never had any surgery

and I'm a wimp about pain,

so not really looking forward to doing it!

Tomorrow is the day I get that gadget installed.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the installation pain

is worth the result of easy I.V. access!


asian~treasures said...

Praying! Praying that you get some sleep tonight since you have to be there nearly in the middle of the night!!

Praying for not too much pain afterwards, either.

Hugs, my friend!

Katie said...

Hope this makes your infusions easier. Here's to a less chaotic 2014!