Thursday, January 9, 2014

Missing Mac

You know how, as a mom, you have all these

crazy  "I will never..." situations

that you worry about

but they never happen?

You know, like forgetting a kid somewhere?

Yeah, me either.

So, Nana and Papa came for a visit,

which means not just noisy, joyful chaos,

but also the need to take two cars to get

everyone to our destination.

I spent all day yesterday counting kids,

and making sure everyone was where they were supposed to be,

and stressing myself out.

Today we loaded up to head to a yummy lunch destination.

The kids were excited, stomping around

and yelling as we bundled up.

I had the girls and the baby,

and due to a miscommunication,

Hubs and I ended up at different places,

and there was much scrambling to get

back together.

When we finally met, and the guys walked in

without Mac.

I said "Where's Mac?"

And the crazy began.

I can honestly say my heart went from

neutral to high gear in one breath!

Mac was at home.


I frantically called the house as Hubs sprinted home.

Mac answered, so calm and collected.

He had no idea we'd left.

He was deep in Lego world, and never even noticed!!!

So, Hubs scooped him up

and we ALL had a wonderful lunch.


Katie said...

Hilarious! My favorite part is that Mac didn't even notice. I wonder how long it would have taken him to realize it.

asian~treasures said...

Love it! Somehow, I doubt my kiddos would have been so calm.