Saturday, January 11, 2014

It Gets Better?!

I'm standing in Target with two babies,

Mimi's nannying baby and Babycakes,

both getting hungry for their afternoon snack.

I'm juggling a toddler, a baby, a bottle and

a container full of breastmilk.

I handed Babycakes the empty bottle

to hold while I warm up the milk,

and don't notice as he unscrews

the bottom of the bottle.

As I pour in the milk,

it begins POURING out,

waterfall style!

With both hands full, I'm now frantically juggling

trying to catch that precious fluid

before it hits the floor.

Now I'm holding a leaking bottle,

a container half full of milk,

and a cupped hand holding more milk,

knowing I can't hand the bottle to Babycakes,

lest he dump it out completely,

all while standing in a growing puddle.

So I kneel, and set down the milk container,

screw the bottom back on the bottle,

and pour the rest of the milk in.

While baby cries.

Finally, frantically,  done, I stand in my puddle,

staring in shock at my hands,

soaked to the wrist,

in another woman's milk.

When I look up

I see woman standing three feet away

just watching me.

Just calmly looking.

I must have had a look of complete bewilderment on my face,

because she starts, then says

"Let me get you some paper towels!"

and sprints away.

When she comes back,

a moment later,

she hands me the wad of towels and says

"Oh Sweetie, I'm a mom too!  It gets better!"

and walks away.

All I can think is

Five kids......

eighteen years......

when, exactly, is this going to get better?

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Jill S. said...

I know this story and I'm still laughing !!