Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cleaning Helper

Want an interesting way to get your kitchen clean?

Start with a toddler.

Fill the sink with soapy water

and place toddler at sink.

Let toddler play while you tidy of the counters

and scrub the microwave.

Feel accomplished that you

actually got something done for once!

As a bonus, the sink is clean too.
 Notice that the toddler

has poured water onto the counter.

Be amazed at the amount of water transported

using absolutely no tools.

While mopping up counters

step into a puddle.

Mop up floor while toddler

screams at you for emptying sink.


Now your kitchen is clean

your toddler is clean

and you have a load of towels to wash.

Hey, at least I got something done



Sarah said...

Ha ha. I can relate to that!

Katie said...

Send him over! My kitchen needs a good cleaning. I still can't get over his cuteness...doubtful that I ever will.