Monday, January 27, 2014

Bath Time!

One of my kids,

who'd like to remain anonymous,

(although I bet you can figure it out)

is the world's fastest bather.

This kid

can climb into a tub of water,


and be out, dry,

and dressed,

in less than five minutes.

This evening I sent that child back to the tub

for a second run through

to add a forgotten ingredient,


to the bathing process.

 He then informed me he would not

need another bath for at least a week,

since he was especially clean,

having bathed twice.

Babycakes, on the other hand

asks for a bath




at least once,

but usually more often.

His poor skin is so dry that he truly

can not be in water daily.

Now, how do I get these boys to find balance?

1 comment:

asian~treasures said...

HoneyGirl would bathe multiple time a day...

LittleMister? He agrees with your un-named child. : )