Monday, December 16, 2013

Shop Big

Hubs' job is trying a new Christmas thing this year.

They are giving everyone a one time

shopping trip with a big discount.

Most people will use theirs to buy Christmas gifts,

but since I shop for that stuff

throughout the year,

and we don't get much anyway,

I don't have much left to get.

Instead I'm going to a big, giant grocery shop!

I'm working on my list

of things we eat a lot of,

nothing that needs to be kept frozen,

because our freezer is already FULL,

and household stuff like


and cleaning supplies.

As much as I hate shopping,

this has been kind of fun!



My all time biggest shopping trip ever!

1 comment:

Katie said...

What an awesome Christmas gift! I would have loaded up on the everyday stuff, too. Merry Christmas to you and your grocery budget!