Saturday, December 14, 2013

Not Adoption Update

There's been a lot happening

in Texas.

Things have settled down

(at least for the moment).

I had an opportunity to ask Mama E

where she was in her adoption plans

and she is no longer planning to place the baby.

Honestly, I just sat down for a good cry after.

A good, long, cry.

It's been such an emotional ride.

Hubs asked if I was sad, and to be truthful,

all I feel is


Yeah, I was mad too,

but mostly just glad to know we were done.

After all we've been through in this year

with my diagnosis,

and loosing Baby's placement in February,

the crazy basement summer,

and all the drama of the last few months,

I just felt a weight come off my heart.

We're making some decisions

to prevent us riding this ride again,

which is hard

but necessary.

There are still a few legal things happening

and we're waiting to see how those turn out,

but it's looking

like things are over.

Thank you SO much for your prayer support!

I've been so comforted knowing we were not alone

in our prayers for safety and stability

for both us and for Baby!

1 comment:

Bethany said...

I'm so sorry and I'm so glad you are getting some closure. Prayers for your family and Mama E and baby.