Sunday, December 29, 2013


One of the things I never imagined happening

when we prepared to adopt transracially

was Mimi, and people's reaction to her

holding Babycakes in public.
She's a young teen,

holding a baby

worse, a baby of a different race.

People, especially older people

assume she is a teen mom,

and give her the most awful looks

and whispered comments.

We've joked about getting her a series of shirts that say

"I'm the SISTER!"

This week Mimi and I took the little kids

to an McD playground,

to burn off some energy,

somewhere we wouldn't get frostbite.

Not only did we have Babycakes,

but also the baby Em is nannying this year.

A teen mom

with TWO babies,

of different colors,

very close in age.

I thought those ladies in their coffee club

were going to swallow their dentures!

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