Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'm Whining!

This month has just been a stinky mess!

It just seems like it all stacked up!

1) My poor van is sick.

It's been in the shop for almost THREE weeks,

and it's still not home yet.

Hubs generously lets me dive his lil Subaru wagon,

but I have a kid stuffed into every corner,

and there are just not enough corners!!

2)  My "two week basement finishing project"

 just finished week three.

And it's still not done!

I'm SO frustrated with the guy doing the framing!

He only works for a few hours a day

When he bothers to come at all!

I've sat waiting all morning for him to show up

More times than I'd like!

3) Buddy is till walking the corn.

That means I'm still getting up at 4:30,

and am SO tired,

but still SO proud that he's sticking it out!

4) I have to do ANOTHER MRI.


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