Thursday, August 15, 2013

Eye Exam

My MS doctor sent me to see an eye doc.
Not just any eye doc, but a NEUROLOGICAL eye doc.

Mostly, I think, to eliminate stuff.

It took FOREVER!

Longest eye exam of the century!

They shoved me into a room,

did one little piece of an exam,

then tossed me back to the lobby for a half hour.




When they did the part when they check the pressure,

she shoved this huge thing closer

and closer

and closer


I had no idea that's what she was going to do,

and she never said anything,

and I FREAKED out!

I absolutely could not keep my eye open

or from rolling away!

That, of course, messed up the test,


 After I freaked out some more,

she, oh so calmly says "So, I guess you don't wear contacts, hmm?"

DUH!  I don't even wear glasses lady!

Only now I do!

Yup, I got glasses!

And who'd have known.....

I can see better now?!

The last thing they did was dilate my eyes,

which made me super glad Hubs was there to drive,

because one eye stayed blown out for hours!

If I'd been pulled over I would NOT have passed the sober test! 


Sarah said...

Sorry to hear about your diagnose! I wanted to encourage you to consider trying other things before following the drug routine. MS tends to be the "scape goat " for the medical world. I only say this because 2 out of 3 people in my life with MS ended up not having it. One suffered from brain clots ~ but was diagnosed for MS ~ another had a sever reaction to hep b vaccine, but the doc called it MS. Alot of people who suffer from it find that removing all wheat and dairy allieviate symptoms. If you want to go the medical route I suggest getting a seeing eye dog. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your legs will be greatly effected and the dog will help keep you from falling and help get things with out you getting up and down.. :)

Katie said...

Seeing better is always a bonus! We need to get together and catch up on everything soon.