Friday, August 2, 2013

Chaos Multiplied

And it continues....

The rowdy cousin crowd is here, bringing their enthusiasm with them.

They arrived just after I dropped off Buddy at the bus.

5:45 A.M.

I had to ask Mimi to stay home and watch Babycakes for the day,

Since I'll be getting my steroid infusion.

She was delighted to help.

I don't think farm work is in that girl's future!

My MIL and SIL drove all night while the kids slept,  arriving exhausted and ready for sleep.

That meant Mimi had Babycakes, Mac, Princess,

 plus the visiting cousin, and the three wild bunch cousins,


I SO owe her a reward!

As I was sitting in the waiting room for my turn to get poked,  the doc called me back.

It's definitely M.S.

My brain looks pretty OK,  but my spine looks bad.

That was lovely to hear.

Hubs was meeting me later for my actual appointment,

which wasn't until the afternoon,

so he wasn't even with me.

I did FIVE hours if IV steroids.

The nurse poked 5 holes in my already poked up arms before I begged her to use a butterfly, which worked, but slowly.

My arms look like I'm a heroin addict.

I better not get pulled over, cuz they'd send me straight to jail, do not collect $200!

Hubs met me after, for my actual appointment, and we got to see pretty pictures of my brain.

Apparently it's quite attractive.

How would we even know what a nice brain looks like?!

Tomorrow and the next day I get to do the IV at home,


Hubs talked to his family,  and they're happy to head out early

 to relieve some stress.

I'm sad we'll miss them,

But really can't handle their enthusiasm right now.

This life is exhausting!

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