Saturday, August 3, 2013

Chaos Caliming....But just a bit

My ILs left,

after a fun morning at the indoor playland,

Taking the extra cousin with them.

The basement guy is still here,
 Hammering away,

The home nurse just left.

And it only took her one poke!

So funny how such a small thing can make me happy this week!

I get to live with this beauty until tomorrow afternoon:

SO attractive!

Think this look will ever be "in"?
It turns out you can taste steroids,even when they go in through an IV.

So weird!

It's not a pleasant taste.

I'm thinking I'll have to invest in a good flavor of gum.

1 comment:

Katie said...

Prayed for you during my morning run today. Chaos is one guarantee in this life, and you've definitely had your share lately. Thankfully, the blessings are always plentiful, but sometimes we just have to look through the craziness to find them. Let me know if you need anything, friend.