Saturday, July 27, 2013

Big Kids

Being a mom to kids who are growing up is so hard!

My big kids are doing field work this summer.

They're walking the corn.

 It's hot, boring, and difficult.

 Physical labor at its worst.

The job is perfect for young teens.  But hard for moms.

They have to be on the bus by 5:30, and you know who takes them to the bus, right?

And who can't fall back asleep after taking them?


Sure that stinks, But that's not the hard part for me.

Buddy is doing surprisingly well.  He didn't want to do it at all, but he's gotten the rhythm, and is making friends.

I thought he'd have a difficult time, especially when his Asperger's kicks in.  It makes it hard for him to focus and stick to things.  But he's cruising right along!

His Asperger's may even be an advantage, as it's easy for him to keep up an unending monologue as he marches down the rows.

Mimi is really struggling though.

The kid who wanted to do this so she could buy herself a nicer cello, absolutely hates it.  Shes shy, so making friends is hard.

And doing this job without someone to talk with is awful.

She could hardly walk after the second day, and had to miss the third because her feet were so sore.

There were lots of tears about going back, but she stirred up her courage and went.

Driving away after dropping her off the next day was horrible.

I prayed and cried all the way home!

Being the mom never gets easy.


Mommy-in-SC said...

What is "walking the corn"??

Keeslermom said...

They are "detasseling", or pulling the tassels off the corn plant. They are in the fields about 6 hours a day!

Mommy-in-SC said...

Oh my goodness. Sounds dreadful but hard work is good for them ... even though it's hard on them and you. Hang in there. They will be proud of their accomplishment at the end of the summer.

Also, praying for your health!!