Friday, May 17, 2013

Reading and Crying

Yesterday Mac and I had a conversation in the car.

I was telling him about a book I'd read that I loved, and that it made me cry in the sad part.

He insisted that any book that made you cry could not be a good book.

So I decided to prove him wrong!

This morning we sat together on the couch and I started reading him "Stone Fox".

It's one of my favorite read alouds,

and ALWAYS makes me cry!

I'd told him a synopsis, and even the fact that the dog dies, and that's what makes me cry.

Princess walked in, and joined us.

They loved it!

I stopped right before the last chapter to ask if it was a good book.

They both agreed it was,


the last two pages, when the dog died!

Then they both burst into tears,

Princess ran away and Mac insisted I stop reading!!!

So, I thought I'd proven my argument,

and was told that I was very misinformed, and it was the worst book ever.


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