Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cellos, Weddings, Assault. All in a Good Day

Co-op days are rough for Babycakes.

It's busy, loud, crowded and a very long day.

He usually gets the most minimal of naps,

and is crazy grumpy and tired when we finally get home.

This is why we avoid any activities after co-op.

But today was Mimi's cello recital,

so we ended up sprinting home, throwing the other kids out,

and Mimi, Babycakes and I headed back out.

It was in a big, old, beautiful stone church.

We were at one end of a long hall

and an elegant wedding was at the other end.

Babycakes was especially naughty, having not only not taken a nap at co-op,

but also not falling asleep on the way to the recital,as I'd hoped he would.

As the kids were playing their songs,

Babycakes got progressively louder and more obnoxious,

so I took him out to the hall,

where we met the flower girl for the wedding.

She was about six, dressed in her finery, basket in hand, listening quietly to the music.

I stood at the door listening.

When I turned around I saw Babycakes shredding a tissue (used, of course!),

and gently setting the pieces into the flower girl's basket!

I gasped and attempted to dig out the tissue.

The flower girl was quite offended by my actions, and took her basket and huffed away.

Babycakes followed her down the hall, where he met

The Mother of the Groom.

She was wearing a knee length skirt, and matching jacket, and looked quite elegant.

Apparently Babycakes thought she looked lovely too,

as he walked straight over to her, and laid his hand on her knee.

As I sprinted over to pull him away,

he slid his had right up her skirt!!!!

I SQUEALED in horror,

snatched him away, apologizing profusely, and I'm sure, turning quite red!

She simply laughed and said "It's fine!"

If the ground had opened up, I'd have dived right in!

That, my friends, that is how you add just a bit more elegance to a cello recital and a wedding!

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