Friday, April 12, 2013

Pillaging Pop Tarts!

My kids get junk food for holidays.

All the garbage food kids all the time,

and moms hate to buy.

Poptarts, EZ Mac, sugary cereal, etc.

gets stuffed into their stockings

and Easter baskets.

This means my kids have been eating Poptarts all week,

And this also means Babycakes got to taste them.


This morning, after eating his own hearty breakfast,

Babycakes decided, Hobbit style, to share a second breakfast with Mimi.

She gives him little nibbles, and he loudly demands more.

When she stood up to get herself a drink,

he stole the whole plate full and ran away.

Then he hid and stuffed fistfuls into his mouth as fast as he could!

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