Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Let the Tantrums Begin!

We've arrived at toddlerhood.

The tantrums have begun.

There's nothing quite like seeing a tiny little foot stomp at you in anger

because you said the dreaded word


No, you may not electrocute yourself with that fork.

No, you may not eat whatever you just found on the floor.

No, you may not tear up all our library books.

My favorite is when he does a naughty thing while shaking his finger at it,

and telling himself "no-no".

I've survived this before,

so I guess we'll make it though again,


 No, you may not eat powdered egg whites,

even if you cry,

and bite mama,

and throw the can.


Katie said...

It seems that he's also entered the "I'm going to try to injure myself all day long" stage as well. Good luck with the tantrums!

asian~treasures said...

(shaking finger) No, mama, you're gonna go gray while I figure out all the naughtiness I can.

And, if my shaking finger doesn't get me my way, I'll pull my paci out (with force) & stare you down.

: )