Thursday, February 14, 2013


It all kinda hit the fan today.

I got yet another call from Mama E this morning,

and the first thing she said was

"How fast can you get here?"

Which sent me into a mighty panic.

Her blood pressure was high enough that they were sending her to the hospital.

They'd attempt to bring it down, and if that didn't work,

deliver the baby.


After speaking for only a few minutes, she had to go.

So I called our agency to ask a few questions

and found out that they were no longer working with Mama E.

She's made it very clear that she is taking this baby home,

and wants no contact from them,

neither answering or returning calls.


Sure, I understand that she wants me to be there to support her,

but if she's truly going to parent this child,

I have no business being in her delivery room!

I called to check up on her a few times through the afternoon,

and she was resting.

I'm praying that Baby Brother can cook a few more weeks,

just to let him grow a bit,

and also that Mama E has a good plan for how she's going to take care of herself

and her son once he's born,

I'm also praying that I do a good job of balancing my heart with their needs.

I feel awful.


asian~treasures said...

More prayers & hugs for you guys, prayers for Mama E & baby.

Bethany said...

Such a difficult situation. Praying for you.