Tuesday, February 5, 2013


You know what makes my irritation with our local agency even worse?

Our homestudy for Babycakes is still good.  It's good for a year, and we just finished it in June.

The agency in Texas was perfectly willing to let us do a simple update.

An update cost about a quarter what a new homestudy costs.

The agency we use here told us that our state wouldn't allow an update,

because this homestudy is for a completely separate adoption.

Last week at court, our lawyer told us that this wasn't true.

That our state would take an update, and she's seen it done.

So now I'm wondering....

Is the lawyer right?  Could we have saved several thousand dollars by doing a simple update?

Is this agency scamming us?  Or are they just idiots?

And how would I even go about finding out?

And, since it's too late, and we've already paid for the new homestudy,

should I enrage myself by even finding out?

1 comment:

RaD said...

Yes, because then you should be able to demand they give you some of that money back. If they just scammed you that's NOT okay.