Friday, February 1, 2013

Boob Dialing

Have you heard the term "butt dial"?

That's when your cell phone calls someone while it's tucked into your back pocket.

So, essentially, your butt gives someone a call.

Today I had no pockets to tuck my phone into.

So I did what any crazy busy mama would do.

I tucked my phone into my bra.

Um, yeah.

Even worse, I facetimed someone.  That's when there's not calling, but a picture as well.

Yup, I boob timed someone.

Nice and classy.  That's how we do it around here, nice and classy.

Oh, who would be the absolutely WORSE person to boob time?

Maybe our adoption social worker?

Yup, classy.


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Thank you I needed to laugh today :)