Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Call

I called Mama E tonight to chat with her a bit.  About the second sentence out of her mouth was that she was thinking that she'd like to keep this baby.

I took a deep breath, and started to tell her that I understood, and that no matter what, we'd support her. 

And the phone dropped the call.

I frantically hit redial, and went straight to voice mail.

again and again,

and again.

So  I left a message apologizing for my phone dropping her call, and I didn't hang up, and I really wanted to talk to her.

Then I called Hubs to tell him what happened.

After 20 minutes, I called again, and left a longer message. I told her that I was sorry my phone had dropped her, that I wanted to make sure she knew I would never hang up on her.  That no matter what she decided, we would always be there for her, and for Baby Brother.  That we loved her, and Big Brother, and would love Baby Brother no matter what, and we would support her in whatever choice she made, and PLEASE CALL ME!

And then I waited.

I sent an e-mail to our social worker letting her know what had happened, and that it was really important that Mama E understand that I didn't hang up, and that we'd support her no matter what, etc. 

Then I waited some more,

and then it occured to me to text her.  So, I sent her a short text saying I hadn't hung up, the phone dropped the call, and please call.

So, she did!  Oh, the relief!

Her phone wasn't working, and she'd had to borrow a friend's phone to call me.

It was HER phone that dropped the call!

So, I told her everything I wanted to say.  We love her, we want whats best for her, we will never turn away from her, or the boys.  I think she was as relieved to hear it as I was to say it!


I have no idea where this leaves things.

In reality, nothing has changed.  She has always had the choice, and she still does.  We have always supported her, and will continue to.  She'd still like to see us in March, and celebrate Babycake's birthday together, and we could see Baby Brother when he's born.

And now we wait.

Exactly like we've been waiting for the last six months.

Only completely different.


missy said...

oh beth, wow. it's crazy how that call was kind of like a living illustration of the situation. the connection, the confusion, the waiting, the questions. you guys are the best. your arms are always open wide. whether you bring him home or not, your love and commitment to this baby are evident. miss you guys.

Bethany said...

Oh my. Praying for extra grace for you.

Katie said...

Praying for all of you!

asian~treasures said...

That may be the worst "dropped call" story I've ever heard!
Continuing to pray for all of you in these remaining weeks!!

Love ya!

Brenda said...

Continuing to pray for all of you in these remaining weeks!!