Thursday, January 3, 2013


I got an e-mail from the local agency we use for our adoption homestudy.

This is the agency we left (or more accurately, got dumped by) when we made the move to the Texas agency.

While I despise working with them, they are the easiest, and least expensive option for all the local stuff we need to do.

So, the e-mail was a list of all the stuff they need to complete our new, updated homestudy.

And about half the stuff on the list, they should already have.

Because these were sent in MONTHS ago.

And they lost them!

It's a good thing this was an e-mail and not a phone call, because I said a naughty word when I read it.

After a bit of fury, I decided they had probably stuffed the new homestudy stuff into Babycake's file instead of the new file.  So I asked them to look.

I was right!  Almost all of the missing stuff was there!

And the stuff that wasn't there?

All of it was reference letters from friends, family and our pastor.  So it's all stuff that I can't fix, but have to ask our friends, who so generously gave their time to fill out a ridiculous pile of papers once (some twice!) already, to do again.

It's also one of the few things I don't have copies of.  I make copies of EVERYTHING now, because they lost stuff last time too!

But these reference letters are sent straight to the agency, so I don't have copies!

I HATE working with this agency!

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