Monday, December 31, 2012

Sleep, Wonderful Sleep!

A while back we made the decision that it was time for Babycakes to move out of mommy and daddy's room and into the big, bad world.

Mostly so Mommy could get a full nights sleep!

Unfortunately, Babycakes was STILL getting up every night for a snack.  (Not that Mr. Chub needed the calories!)

I knew we couldn't move him in with Mac until he'd conquered the  sleep thing,

so we put the crib in the living room.

Red necks unite!

And he stayed there for WAY longer than I'd intended.

But there was no way I was throwing a screaming baby in Mac's room!

But finally, FINALLY, he started sleeping through the night!  Well, most nights anyway.


So last week we made the big move, and put the crib up in Mac's room.  I made sure Mac had a plan, just in case of night time screaming.  He was to grab his pillow and blanket and head for the couch.

The first night I was awakened at 5:00 a.m.

Not by Babycakes,

No, by MAC!

It seems babycakes breathes in the night, and that can be quite annoying.

And as I helped him move to the couch,

we woke the baby.


The next night, Mac begged to sleep on the couch.

Great, I hadn't gotten a kid out of the living room, I'd just traded a little one in for a big one!

Finally, on the third night, they made it!
Let's not talk about the fourth night, m'kay?

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