Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I just got home from Kinkos.

I spent the morning photocopying the first pile of adoption paperwork we need to get turned in.

I know we have another pile that needs to get done,

then copied,

and mailed,

(I hate the post office!)

and I KNOW they will find some more we need to fill out.

Plus the brand new homestudy we're now supposed to put a rush on,

even though they told us to wait until January,

they suddenly need NOW.

I'm feeling like this is an escalator, and I'm walking down the up side

or up the down side?

There's a box on the porch,

and in it a reminder of why we're doing this.


 I can't wait to see two little boys in these!

And thanks to my dear friend for the gift with amazing timing!

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