Monday, April 2, 2012

Manipulating Murphy

Today we used Murphy's Law to our advantage.  Instead of living minute-by-minute, we made plans!

I got so tired of digging through the suitcases looking for clean clothes.  Every day is a clothing adventure(HORROR?), and every evening was me figuring out who needed what, and throwing a load into the washer.  With a newborn on board, I needed to do his clothes too, as he's averaging 2-3 soaked outfits a day.   Yeah, that may seem like a lot, but his thighs are so darn skinny that he seeps out the sides.  Stupid diapers are not designed for scrawny thighed babies.
So last night, I did ALL the laundry.  I figured if we were staying longer, I better get organized!  It took 5 loads, and a lot of quarters.

Then we made plans to go to the movies, and plans to hit the frozen yogurt shop, and plans for a long swim, and plans, and plans, and plans.

You know what happened, right?

We got the call!

I was so excited I actually did cry, just a tiny bit.  Then I yipee'd loud enough to let everyone know we were done.  We had all that, now clean, laundry packed and in the van, along with all the kid's and baby's stuff in less than an hour, and we were on our way!

Poor Mac was bummed to trade the movies in for a long car ride, so we stopped at lunch to grab a new DVD to watch in the car, and he got some ice cream for lunch, so I hope we're even!


Mommy-in-SC said...

Prayers answered! YAY! :)

Katie said...

we seriously can't keep up with laundry when we're all home. i don't know how you managed on the road for so long!