Saturday, April 21, 2012


Babycakes has absolutely the cutest hair ever.  It's soft, and fluffy and cuddly and people keep wanting to touch it.  It's just so cute!

I guess what I should have said was HAD soft, fluffy hair.  Until I got hold of it.

 If I wash is at bedtime, he squashes the back and sides flat, and it fluffs on top. Eraser head!

So then I decided to blow it dry, so it wouldn't smush.  BIG mistake!   I should have taken pictures!  Imagine Einstein with a fro.

I SO want to keep it cute, because I know when he gets bigger it won't be so soft and fluffy!

Yesterday a friend suggested the "Curly Girl" method, which is basically use no shampoo, only conditioner.

And it worked!  The soft fluff has returned!

And it stays nice and fluffy!

Poor Babycakes is a curly girl!

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Bethany said...

So funny! And I want to touch his hair too! The computer screen is such a tease.