Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bumbling Along

I'd love to say we're all settled in, back to our lives with life with baby along for the ride,

 but that would be a lie.

'Cause adding a baby makes everything complicated!

And it's been seven years since my last baby, so I kinda forgot.

Just getting in the car takes forever.  As soon as we're ready to go, someone needs a new diaper

or a bottle

or a nap (that would be me)

While I'm getting what should be enough hours of sleep, they keep getting broken up into short chunks, making them not nearly as restful.  

I'm looking forward to the summer to start, so we can let go of all our regular activities.  People keep inviting us to day camps and VBS and science days,

and I keep saying no.  I'm too tired.

What I'd really like to do this summer is sit with my feet in the pool.

Just that.

Think I can make that happen?

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