Sunday, November 13, 2011

What's in a Name?

We like unusual names for our kids.  Not too weird or strange, just a bit more unique than the average.  I like the idea of them being the only kid with that name in their classes.  When we chose Buddy's name, he was the only person with that name that we knew. We've met a few along the way, mostly in the christian circles we frequent, as it's a bible name, but there are not many people with his name.

When we chose Mimi's name, we knew only one person with the same name, a crabby old lady.  Backfire!  Within a year, her name made the top ten list.  The same thing happened with Princess, her name was in the top 20 the year after she was born.  Beware-we're trend setters for girl names! 

Mac's name is still very unique, and we've not met another person with his name.  Score!

When we began this adoption journey, two loooooong years ago, we started choosing names.  We always struggle with girl names, but boy names come pretty easy and we've had that one chosen since almost the beginning.  Problem?  We now know 2 babies, and 2 more families expecting babies, all naming their kids OUR NAME! 

 So now the debate rages at our house.  Do we stick with our original name, even though it's ALL over our circle of friends. or do we go with our second place?

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asian~treasures said...

Do I know your 2nd place name? I'd almost be inclined to say, "Wait & see." You may see your baby & know right away which name is right.

We had our HoneyGirl's name f.o.r.e.v.e.r & had to wait a long time to use it. LittleMister's name was much more challenging for us.