Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Our church had it's first VBS this week, and boy was it fun!  Exhausting, but fun.  I was the snack lady, and got to be as creative as I wanted to, so our snacks were.....well, unique.  My favorite was the eyeballs!  Take 2 powdered doughnuts, add gummy Lifesavers for irises, and top with an M&M pupil.  Yummy!

All my kids got to participate, Ms. Mouse in the nursery, luvin' on the babies, and Buddy was on the drama team.  He's so funny on stage, goofy and wild, and the kids thought he was wonderful (so did his mommy!).   The two little kids were participants, and had fun all night long.  

Now that VBS is done, I'm on to organizing co-op!  My sanity is in doubt!

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asian~treasures said...

: ) I've already signed you up as snack lady for next year!! : )