Monday, August 1, 2011

Goodbye Whoville, Hello.....????

Well, we are officially no longer citizens on Whoville, and that leaves me with a conundrum.  Obviously our little town wasn't really named Whoville, but the quirky name fit the quirky place, and kept our privacy and safety intact.  So the city we formerly called "Big City" is now our home, yet I don't feel like I can continue to call it that, especially as an even bigger city is just up the road!  So I need suggestions.  What do you call your town?  What parts of "Big City" stand out as it's quirky truth?

ETA-A friend at the park today suggested "driving-slow-in-the-fast-lane" but that seems a bit long, even if it is true!


Diana said...

You can use Big City, and then when you talk about the even bigger city, call it "Big Big City".

Or you can do a play on the name and something it's known for. One name that I sometimes used for Corvallis - the city I live in - is Cowville, because it used to have quite a few cows and when I was in college there you could smell it as you came into town. It was odd for this city girl. :)

Ainsley said...

How about WhoCity?