Monday, August 29, 2011

Sledding-It's Not Just for Snow

This was such a fun activity, and it was all by accident!
We were watching Baby M for the day, and it was incredibly hot, so I filled up some buckets for him to splash in.  Pretty soon Ms. Mouse came out to watch the fun, then ran to put on her suit so she could cool off.  When Mac and Princess saw, they joined in.  But then I was running out of buckets.  As I madly scourged the garage looking for big, empty, tubs, spotted the sleds, and ran with it!

The funniest part was when the school bus dropped off a load of kids right across the street, and there sat my kiddos "swimming" in their sleds!  Yup, we're already earning a reputation for being the weird neighbors! 

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Robyn said...

So perfect!! I love your problem solving skills. Making memories with your kids.