Saturday, August 27, 2011

Adoption Update-Finally Good News!!!

Big changes a-commin'!

We made the big jump and switched to another adoption agency this week.  I was a bit frustrated that the old crummy agency wouldn't release our paperwork to us, but only to the new agency.  I felt a bit like when my doctor's office refuses to release my file to me.  It's MY info, shouldn't I have access to it?!  In the end it won't matter, as our new agency will send us whatever we want.

The new agency will allow us to multi-list, so if we want we can send our profile to multiple agencies.  We won't do that, at least not now, but it's delightful to have the freedom to do so.  More good news, this is a fairly new program, and we are currently one of four families on the list.  This is pretty awesome, as we were one of twenty-five before.  Essentially that increases our chances of getting chosen astronomically, plus if a mom doesn't want to choose a family, the list goes by first-come-first-serve, so we'd automatically get chosen eventually, and we're fourth in line!

They have several mamas on their list right now, and more in the works but not ready to look at profiles, so for the first time in many months, I'm feeling hopeful about the whole thing!


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I can't believe they wouldn't release YOUR paperwork! Though it sounds like it's a great thing you switched. I'll keep you in my prayers.

ali @ an ordinary mom said...

Wow! I'm praying for several families I know at various stages of the adoption process- I'll definitely add you to my list! What a blessing to welcome a baby into a loving home, definitely praying that the Lord will bless!!

asian~treasures said...

Hooray!! Hooray!! I already LOVE this agency & can't wait for your #4 to be a phone call saying, "Come get your baby!!"

We're continuing to pray for all involved: birth family, baby, your family & the agency staff.

: )

missy said...

yea! another step closer to your little love!!