Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One Crazy Weekend

The happenings of this weekend are so chaotic it's hard to know where to start!

On Friday we were contacted by an adoption agency, and through them made contact with an agency in Texas that had a baby needing a family as quickly as possible, as mom was already over due.  We jumped at the chance, and started playing phone tag.  Of course our adoption worker was out of the office, and the agency was closing at noon!  After much frantic phone calls, we were able to get our homestudy sent over. 

We started researching Texas, as their system is VERY different then ours.  There, birthmoms ask for living expenses, and those must be paid up front, if you want your profile shown.  If mama takes the baby and goes home, she gets to keep the money.  Ripe for scamming?  You bet!

On Sunday, our agency informed us that if we chose to work with the Texas agency, they'd be dropping us like a hot potato.  Ummm, what?!  We're finally up for a baby and you want to bail on us?!  Yup, they want exclusivity now, even though it's not in our contract.

On Monday, we finally spoke to birthmom's social worker. Their opinion was that birthmom was probably scamming.  They were incredibly honest and up-front with us about her, and encouraged us not to submit.  We let them know that if birthmom did sign, we'd be there in a heartbeat, but until then, we would not be sending them a check.  They supported our decision, and we had a very informative chat about what adoption agencies are required to provide to their families, and what ours was failing to provide.

It was an eye opening chat to say the least.  Comparing our experience with our agency to our experience with theirs was night and day.  We've made the decision to seek a new agency, even though it means we will be losing several thousand dollars.  We're praying that our agency will be honorable and release our info without a fight.  If they don't, we will have to re-do our home study, which will take months, and cost yet more money. 

Oh, and did I mention we were at Coco Keys water park with Nana and Papa the whole weekend too?

Yup, it was one crazy weekend!


asian~treasures said...

: ) Craziness...that's an understatement!

SO glad you had Nana & Papa at Coco Keys to help keed you busy, though, while you played phone tag & tried to get calls through on a weekend.

And, super excited that you're heading a new directiton! Can't wait to celebrate with you as YOUR baby comes home!!

Our conintued love & prayers...with some chocolate thrown in, too. ; )

Bethany said...

Oh. My. Word! That had to be a roller coaster of a weekend. I'll be praying that things work out with your transfer. Walking beside friends for just the last few months of the their adoption process overwhelms me. Keep pushing on! God is going to bless you mightily.

trooppetrie said...

oh i am praying. 9 weeks ago we were given 2 blessings from a niece. we have court at 1pm today for Full custody. We already have temporary custody. next is to apply for adoption which is in 6 months from today. please pray for our court hearing at 1pm today