Monday, July 11, 2011


I'm completely flabbergasted as I sit here typing.  I don't even know what to say......

Let me start at the beginning:

Several years ago we bought Mac a Madagascar hissing cockroach we named Becky.  After several months, she gifted us with a WHOLE lotta baby cockroaches.  It was quite a shock, but kinda fun too.  We re-homed a few and donated the rest to the zoo.  When we got home we found we'd missed one, and decided to keep her, naming her Caitlynn.  A year later Becky presented us with ANOTHER batch of babies, and we separated Becky and the newly re-named Calvin. Now living completely seperate lives, they lived happily eating peanut butter and strawberry tops. 

A few months ago, I noticed that Becky had an egg sack, and I did a lot of frantic research on whether hissers could lay empty eggs, spontaneously give birth without a mate, etc. and found nothing, so we watched carefully, and counted the days, and no babies!   Whew.

So guess what I found today?  Yup.  Babies.  In Calvin's cage.  We've now renamed them both MARY, and will be soon taking a trip to the zoo!!!


Jeanette said...

yikes! that is crazy! next time you'll have to give them gender-neutral names :)

Diana said...

Have you figured out what has happened??? That's just CRAZY.

I'd be emailing some bug guy who specializes in cockroaches! You might have something new on your hands! :D