Friday, July 8, 2011

Back to the Zoo!

 It's time for our traditional once-a-year trip to the little zoo!  The best thing about this zoo is that you can get through the entire thing, and have lunch, in half a day.  The worst thing is, it's only open in the summer, and it's HOT out there! 

 We saw my faves, the naked mole rats,
  and met our friends from Asian Treasures, as we do each year,

and had fun feeding the goats and camels.  

 This is the very zoo we happened to be at when our friends got the phone call letting them know this sweet princess had a family, and would be coming home soon
And the traditional ending to a hot day, the train!


Yes I Blog said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! I love the naked mole rats too!!

:-)And of course my boys love to say they saw a "NAKED RAT". Chuckles and giggles all day over that.

asian~treasures said...

Happy yearly trip!!!!! : )
We're glad THAT phone call came while we were together a couple years ago.