Sunday, June 12, 2011

It Is Finished! Getting Started.

We got everything done, and the house is being listed this week!  Yea!  It's like a big weight off my shoulders, and now I can relax!  Well, except that I have another house that needs to get unpacked, decorated and prettied up.

The problem with that is:  I have NO talent in decorating!  It took five years for me to get pictures on the wall in my living room, and the mirror never did make it to the wall.   I don't want that to happen again, so I've harnessed the talents of a couple friends to help out, and told them to get thinking!  

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Lisa said...

I saw on a decorating show once, to take large pieces of paper, like wrapping paper or butcher paper and tape it to the wall. Then you trace the frames where you think you'd like them....That way you can stand back and look at the arrangement BEFORE you've put any holes in the wall. Finally, you hammer in the nails through the paper because you can see exactly where the frames/holes need to be, and then rip off the paper and hang them up. Of course, I haven't actually tried this, but it really SOUNDS like a good idea! :)