Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm No Monet!

I love to paint.  Not the paint-a-picture kind (although I like that too), but the roller wall kind.  You could say I was an enthusiastic painter, but you could never say I was good at it.  Hubs can paint an entire room and only get a few drops on himself.  I can't paint a door without getting completely covered.  So when I suggested I help with the painting, Hubs assured me he had it all under control.  After 18 years, he knows my skills well. 

So tonight when I met him at the Whoville house, I was delighted that he said he needed me to paint.  With a roller!  Then he told me where: The garage.  Who paints inside the garage?!  I think he just wanted me out of his hair, but I didn't care!  I grabbed my roller and got to work.  A while later, my one little wall was covered, and so was I.

So I went to give the ceiling in the girl's room a quick spray.  At some point there was an over enthusiastic moment on the top bunk, and they knocked down a patch of popcorn ceiling.  So, I grabbed the sprayer aimed it like I'd seen Hubs do several times, and shot. PTHTHTHTHTH!  The thing went crazy!  It wouldn't shut off!  So, screaming all the while, I aimed it at the floor.  Getting a stripe down the wall.  And the window.  And the floor.....the just cleaned floor.  


I'm just not a good painter. 

But it sure is fun!


RaD said...

HA! I could just picture it. Did you get "the look"?

Aiming4Simple said...

I don't suppose you have a photo?