Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Introduction

My kids are amazingly intelegent people.  They regularly astound me with their understanding of complex thoughts and ideas.  So, given that, explain why I had to have this conversation today:

Sweetie, I'd like to introduce you to something today.  You know how every day I ask you to pick your jacket/coat/sweater up off the floor and deposit it in this tiny room?  This is the coat closet.  We've had one for years, well, actually, your entire lifetime, but apparently I failed to properly introduce the two of you.  Coat closets are for'll never guess.....COATS!  I'd love it if we never had to have this little chat again, so PLEASE PUT YOUR JACKET AWAY! 

Yes, I did mean now.



Karen Dawkins said...


Maybe I need to introduce my kids to the towel bar in the bathroom, the shoe rack in the laundry room, and the dishwasher in the kitchen!

Let me know if it works and I'll plan a special day :D

Lisa said...

courtesy of the new Karate Kid movie....
Maybe you all should watch it and then they'll think it's REALLY cool!