Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Day to Remember

You know those days where you wake up knowing just what you're doing that day......and it all turns left?  Yeah, that was today.

It was supposed to be the day we were meeting my friend Jill and her herd at the water park.  Then I got a call from another friend's husband.  My friend's gallbladder was singing it's final song, could I take their kids? Of course I can!  So, sadly,  I called Jill to cancel.  She was delighted to cancel, because her little guy was sick, and she's scrambling to get him to the doctor.  So my brilliant mind pops in with an offer:

I'll grab mine, plus the bonus kids, and meet her at the indoor playground.  Then the kids can have fun together, and she can get the baby to the doctor!  So I'm at the playground with NINE, count 'em nine kids, one a baby, and it was going great, everyone having a wild time, until.....

Jill's oldest slam dunked his front tooth straight out of his head!  Yes, it's a permanent tooth.

So I'm chasing the baby, sopping up blood, the other kids are on a hunt for the tooth, and I'm frantically calling his dad to rush him to the dentist, because I can't fit nine, count 'em nine,  kids into my van!

A mom at the playground tells me to put the tooth into milk to keep it alive, so I go up to the counter with my herd, bloody tooth in hand, to ask for a carton of milk, which they have at the snack bar.  And the girl at the counter charges me for it!!!  I'm a calm mama, but I almost screamed at her!

By the end of the day the kids are happy, (well, except the one) tired and hungry, the baby's sleeping and I'm almost comatose with exhaustion.

I'm not a drinking woman, so bring on the chocolate!


asian~treasures said...

We seriously need to make that chocolate martini recipe!

Jill S. said...

Where's the picture??? Haa...that was a day to remember for sure!

Katie said...

i'll have a beer for you! sounds like you need another vacation after this day.

Alisdair said...

Were they able to save the tooth??? Just curious after reading this!