Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Foolin'

April fool's day is my favorite holiday.  No, I'm not kidding, it really is.  I have a 10 year tradition of serving silly things for breakfast, sewing jammies shut and punking Hub's underwear drawer.  Usually the kids and I "fool" daddy, but this year we decided to turn the tables, and fool the kids.

I was at the local homeschool convention all day, so we set up a supper prank.  I told the kids I'd taken a class that taught me how important veggies were for growing brains, and I'd picked up the most important ones for them!  Then I served the slimiest, smelliest things I could find. 

They sniffed, gagged, their eyes watered, and I struggled to keep a straight face.  I kept talking about how we were going to have to eat these every day so they'd be smarter. 

Then we hollered "April Fools!", and Super Dad flew in to save the day:

And boy were they relieved!
Now, how am I gonna top that next year?


RaD said...

How did you get pictures without them know you were pranking them? I almost think the camera should have been a giveaway.

That was a great one though, I gotta admit. Glad I'm not too close to you, I'm pretty gullable! :)

missy said...

you are my pranking hero.