Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We survived the 2:00 AM curtain call, bounced our way across the country and made it here with no tears! My precisely planned airborne naps never materialized, so we arrived with sleep deprived kids hyped into blurs and sleep deprived parents numbed by exhaustion. My "unsocialized" homeschoolers made a friend on our layover, and they spent the 2 hour wait riding the people movers together and giggling. 

The flight attendant on our second flight was super funny.  She grabbed a handful of peanuts and sat them on the floor as we taxied.  Then as the plane took off, they went sliding down the isle, delighting all the kids on board including my husband.  After catching the bus, we dumped our luggage and headed straight for Epcot, getting there just as the lines began to shrink.  My kids had a great time designing their own roller coasters and trying them out on a simulator, and rode every ride in sight.  We came back to our hotel and dropped straight in to bed, and slept like we'd been up for 20 hours.

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RaD said...

Glad day one was so much fun and exhausting. That's always important when you are having a good time :)