Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day Two at Disney

When Princess was a tiny tot, she fell in love with Cinderella.  She decided when she grew up she would become a Disney princess so she could see her beloved friend every day.  Except my princess would wear purple (She knows what she wants, that girl!).  When we began planning this trip, I made sure we'd have the chance to meet her long time friend. 
 And meet her we did, along with several other princesses.  It brought tears to my eyes to see my own little princess bouncing in her chair, beaming, as she saw her long time hero approaching.  They chatted for a minute, but Princess was obviously gobsmacked to meet the "real" Cinderella.

After our appointment, we met the rest of the crowd for a whirlwind tour of all the Magic Kingdom has to offer.  My feet have never been so tired in my life!


Jeanette said...

aww, that is a precious memory! such a sweet picture - thanks for sharing!

RaD said...

How fun! When we were in Disneyland we didn't get to see the princesses because the wait was more than three hours and my six year old daughter and six year old niece both decided it was not worth it. Maybe next time!