Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Call

We finally (and when I say finally, I mean it!) got the call letting us know we officially didn't get picked for this baby.  After the initial call, this week was a yo-yo ride of phone calls and trickles of information.  By Sunday, I was pretty sure we were out of the running, and the more info we got, the more it sounded like this was a bad fit for us.  So I can honestly say that by the time the final call came, I felt only a tiny bit of sadness, and a whole lot of relief.  We so much want to be matched with a mama we can relate to, and build an ongoing relationship with, and that simply wasn't going to work out in this situation. 

Now we are back to the same ole' wait we're used to, and feeling pretty happy about it!  Thanks for hangin' in there with us!

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